2017, The developers are done debugging.  We have a route update

We added a few more cities.  And despite my best efforts to introduce race conditions in the coding, the crack programmers have helped figure out the bugs.  Though the new one to the team, may have lost a few marbles along the way.

His last words before he hung up:

Stupid programming changes! He added all these new places where the program breaks!!  Woof woof. Grrrr. Woof.  How’d you like it, if I broke your stuff!

I go thru developers very quickly.  So I have to recruit early.

The path optimizer produced this route:


I made an adjustment to bypass Camden yards, and Florida on this path.  It’s not baseball season, so a visit to those ballparks would be a little more hollow.


In meantime, Princeton, NJ has returned to normal temperatures, so I’ve started searching for an indoor public venue to hang away from the chill.  The only place I found is the nice little Marketfair mall nearby, with the usual store brands: Starbucks, B and N, West Elm, Brookstone, Anthropology, Pottery Barn, Qdobe, Bobby’s Burger Palace, but no food court per say.  There is a AMC movie theater. However, everyone else had same idea.  Starbucks and Barnes and Noble were fully packed.

Time to move on.


2016, Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA

I went to Provincetown on the chance they might let me camp on the beach (above).  But they only issue beach camping permits to RV’s (Self Contained Vehicle in their parlance). It was the end of the season, but my begging and pleading at the Tourist Center went unheaded.  Wrapping normally from upper-left.

  1. Provincetown street with shops
  2. Dog friendly beach rules
  3. The span of the beach, adjacent to the marina (not shown, to the right)
  4. Bluejay on the beach
  5. The other guys who had my camping idea.  Their friends joined on the weekend
  6. Salisbury Steak and awesome fries
  7. Ranger Station on the beach at sunset
  8. The Lobster Pot
  9. Pilgrim Memorial at night

Do we have a controversy about where the pilgrims landed?

2016, In Boston and Cambridge

Above (Fanuiel Hall, or Quincy Market)

Boston North End

Quincey Market

Cambridge, Massachusetts Ave, wrapping normally from upper left

  1. Harvard Square Station
  2. Cambridge Public Library
  3. Massachussetts Institute of Technology
  4. MIT sailing team?
  5. Gate to Harvard
  6. Sapporo at Lesley College
  7. Harvard Natural History Museum

Boston Commons

Boyleston St (parallel to Newbury St shops).  Wrapping normally, from upper-left

  1. Chinatown gate, near Boston Commons end of Boyleston St
  2. Smith and Wollensky’s
  3. Church across Library (keep going down Boyleston/Newbury to head toward Fenway Park)
  4. Copley Sq
  5. Boston Public Library
  6. Dumplings from Chinatown

Revere Beach


Pacific Coast, Day 3-4, to Seattle by Train

The Canada-USA border by car from viewpoint of train (above).

Train Station is nearby CenturyLink Field.  Wrapping normally from upper-left.

  1. Inside King St Station
  2. Welcoming you in, for good coffee
  3. CenturyLink Field
  4. Inside Zeitgeist Coffee shop
  5. Zeitgeist Coffee
  6. Outside of King St Station

Pike Place Market.  It’s a huge market.  Fresh seafood, restaurants, vendor stands.

At Lowell’s, clam chowder sprinkled w Paprika?  Cayenne?

I can’t remember the place anymore, but everything was pretty good.

Ferry to Alki Point, wrapping normally from upper-left

  1. Clock at Seattle’s Ferry/Water Taxi Terminal
  2. Ticket line for Ferry/Water Taxi
  3. Help to get to Water Taxi
  4. Alki Point is on West Seattle?
  5. Obelisk at southside of Alki Point Beach
  6. Restaurant at Alki Point
  7. Bus running from Alki Point Water Taxi terminal throughout West Seattle
  8. WaterTaxi schedule
  9. Clam Chowder with dil (dil added to cream sauces, seems to be a West Coast thing)
  10. Fish and chips
  11. Alki Point Beach
  12. Menu from a restaurant Alki Point Water Taxi terminal
  13. Fish tacos from a restaurant Alki Point Water Taxi terminal



On to Portland, OR!  Bolt Bus stop near Chinatown.  From the left,

  1. Chinatown gateway as seen from BoltBus stop
  2. Area map
  3. Area map
  4. SafeCo Field, as we leave Seattle

Pacific Coast, Day 1-2, Vancouver

Landed in vancouver.  Took subway into city.

Yaletown, wrapping normally from top-left.  The trendy neighborhood.

  1. Yaletown shops and restaurants
  2. Canada plates
  3. Different block of Yaletown neighborhood
  4. Another angle a block in Yaletown
  5. Vancouver airport customs
  6. Public restrooms
  1. Sushi in Yaletown
  2. Chinese Food in Yaletown

Bulldogs in Vancouver!

Granville, wrapping normally from upper-left

  1. Granville St
  2. The polar bears, we don’t judge, not that there’s anything wrong
  3. More shops on Granville, Starbucks further down
  4. Rubbernecking in Canada, some things are the same, everywhere
  5. Waterfront station
  6. Japadogs, asian flavored hotdogs

Waterfront / Sea Terminal, wrapping normally from upper-left.

  1. Waterfront station
  2. Trolley down Cordova St?
  3. Cruiseship parked on waterfront
  4. Disembarking cruise travellers
  1. Shanghainese restaurant for chinese dumplings
  2. Near Waterfront station
  3. How I discovered the chinese dumpling place
  4. Yes, I tried a japadog.  It’s ok.

Capilano, wrapping normally from upper-left

  1. Capilano park over a valley, with suspension walking bridges (they sway) spanning them, and across the trees in the forest.
  2. Bridge suspended between trees.  Where was this when I was a kid, and still wanted a treehouse?
  3. Different angle of bridge suspended by bridge
  4. I think I’ve seen this guy before.
  5. Different kinds of lumber

Gastown.  A couple of nice restaurants.  And I think a underground tour  starts here.


Chinatown, Rogers Arena Stadium, World of Science, wrapping normally from upper-right

  1. Chinatown gate
  2. Edge of chinatown
  3. Stadium w retractable roof (BC Place?)
  4. Sharpei
  5. World of Science
  6. Edge of Rogers arena where some kids are skateboarding

Stanley Park, wrapping normally from upper-left

  1. Map of Stanley park
  2. Beach on the park
  3. Stone sculpture
  4. Concession stands in park
  5. Warnings about the scourge in our parks!  The seagulls!
  6. Another map of park

Robson and Denham

  1. Robson St has a string of restaurants from Denham to Granville
  2. Hahaha

Train Terminal to Seattle, wrapping normally from upper-left

  1. Leaving from waterfront station
  2. Leftover dumplings
  3. Subway outside VIA train station
  4. Pacific Central station