Dodgers vs Mets

Palm trees grace the monuments for Dodger past.  From behind center field, upper deck of left field is graced by Jackie Robinson, sculpure of LA logo in on the way to the upper deck gates, escalators to upper deck gates, scuplture of Jackie Robinson sliding into home, and a Bobblehead doll gloating over the Mets loss.  Thank God it’s a Bobblehead doll and you can sock him (w gloves of course bc Dodgers have hard heads).

Watching the game from Iconic Dodger Stadium, from the upper deck, on third base side.  The Mets courteously gave up 4 straight losses to appease their hosts.

Above, wrapping normally from upper-left

  • Antonio Gate, TE for the SD Chargers, threw the ceremonial first pitch
  • Ryu was starting pitcher for Dodgers, and brought contingent of asian fans to stadium that day
  • Orel Hersheiser (Dodgers) and Keith Herandez (SNY) working in adjacent booths.
  • Steve Matz, throwing one of his 100+ pitches that night.  5 innings, 3 hits, 3 runs I believe.  Yeowman’s work, I think the term is, which the Mets threw away.
  • (center) Pitch sitting right there, which explains the 2 homers given up by Matz.
  • Attempted stolen base by a Met
  • Duda thrown out at home, try to score on sacrifice fly, with pitcher on deck.
  • Granderson hitting a double
  • Visitor dugout with the Mets looking like they’re hungover from partying with the L.A. models
  • Pitch is already by the Dodger batter
  • Attempted stolen base by a Dodger
  • Flores trying to work out a 3-1 count
  • One of Bellinger’s rips.




2013, Day 9, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, CA

Santa Monica.  According to a cab driver, Santa Monica has a different municipal government, than the rest of Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills

Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory.  Can you find Dodger Stadium?